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PTA disco


If any parents are willing to help out at the disco, please could they email or text  on 07781 414270.


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Weekly Note – Week Commencing 19th June 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope the children have enjoyed EPIC week. They have all been fantastic and participated enthusiastically in all the different activities. Many thanks to all parents who gave up their time to help. Your support is very much appreciated.


Next week we will be starting to work on reading ‘time’ using both analogue and digital clocks.   Any additional work you can do at home reading clocks to the hour, half hour and quarter hours will help the children greatly.  We will also begin to solve problems involving time, such as ‘I got in the pool at 2 o’clock and swam for half an hour.  What time did I get out?’

Phonic/Spelling Homework

With the slightly reduced curriculum time this week we did not have our full coverage of phonics lessons so there will be no spellings set this week. The children could continue to revisit spellings from previous weeks.

Sports Day

We are looking forward to our Sports day next Tuesday 20th and hoping the good weather holds for us. The children can come to school in PE kit but please can they wear a T shirt or shorts in their class colour. They must also have a hat.

Sponsored Swim – Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June

Sponsored swim will take place during normal swimming lessons. Mrs Page’s class and Mrs Ash’s class will be doing their sponsored swim on the afternoon of Thursday 29th June  and Mrs Ashworth’s class on Friday 30th at 11 am.

You are very welcome to come along and watch your child swim. Please could you ensure that sponsorship forms are returned to class teachers no later than Tuesday 27th June.

Pirate Open Day

On Tuesday 11th July we are planning a day of pirate themed activities. The children are invited to come to school dressed as pirates on this day.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Page

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Sun Safety

Now that the weather is hot and sunny (and we hope it lasts!) please could you ensure that your child brings a sun hat to school every day. Children are out in the fresh air for playtimes and lunchtimes as well as learning outside so it is important that they are protected from the sun. We do have a small supply of spare hats which children will wear if they forget theirs.

Please could you also ensure that suncream is applied everyday before school.

Thank you for your support.

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Sports Day 2017

Infant Sports Day

Our sports day will take place on Tuesday 20th June. The children will be taking part in a variety of fun activities which start at 1.15 pm with the final races at approximately 2.15 pm. You are very welcome to come along and support your child.

On the day please can the children bring trainers, a sunhat, water bottle and have sun cream applied at home. To establish a team spirit we ask that the children in each class wear shorts or a T shirt of a particular colour. The children may come to school wearing their PE kit. This year the class colours are as follows;

Mrs Ash – white

Mrs Page – yellow

Mrs Ashworth – blue

Thank you for your ongoing support


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Weekly note- week beginning 12.6.17


Dear Parents/Carers,

Next week the children will be continuing to describe position and direction as well as being introduced to coordinates based on our ‘Pirates’ topic.

Epic Week
Next week is EPIC week! Children in Years 1 and 2 will be working in mixed groups doing different activities with different teachers each day. On Friday afternoon we shall be holding a whole school celebration on the field with dancing and ice creams.
Teachers have allocated children a different activity each day which will give them the opportunity to try lots of new things including cooking, art, science, coding, dance, tag rugby and playground games.
Children do not need to wear uniform but please could they all wear trainers every day in case they are doing games activities.
We hope that they come home and tell you how epic each day has been!

Sports Day
Just a reminder that our Infants’ Sports Day is on 20th June at 1.30pm. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Page

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Weekly Note – week commencing 5.6.17

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to the final half term of Y2.


Many congratulations to Miss Geall who got married during half term and who returns to us as Mrs Page.


Next week the children will be learning to describe position and direction using the vocabulary of right, left, clockwise and anti clockwise. We will then be moving onto coordinates which will be  linked to our Pirate topic.


Our literacy over the coming weeks is based on writing letters and is linked to our Pirate topic. The children have been receiving letters from a Pirate called Seagull Sid who is preparing his crew to set sail for the shores of Guernsey.

So far we have written to him applying for a job aboard his ship – although have used our pirate names as we are really not too sure that we want to be pirates! We have also sent him a letter describing the suitability of Moulin Huet bay as a good place to anchor the Rum Runner.

After half term we will continue to collect information about life on a pirate ship which we will use to help us write letters home as though we were a member of a pirate crew. We will be very happy to share any additional facts or information your child may find about pirates.  

Y6 Round the World day

Y6 are just completing a project where they have been researching different countries around the world. To celebrate their work, they have invited Y2  to ‘Round The World Day’ on Wednesday 7th June. The Y6 children have lots of fun activities planned and  there will be things for the children to take home. Please can your child bring a plastic bag to school on this day so that they can carry the extra things home.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Page

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Weekly Note -Week Beginning 22.5.17



Dear Parents/Carers,



Next week the children will be using trial and improvement methods to try and solve problems logically.  They will be given problems such as…

What’s the largest number you can make with numbers 2, 1,  2,  4  and the +, x and = signs?



During literacy lessons the children will be researching what life was like as a pirate, the jobs they had to do and what life was like onboard the ships.


Beach Visit

For our visit  to the beach next week (Mrs Ashworth’s Class and half of Miss Geall’s class –  Monday 22nd May and Mrs Ash’s Class along with the other  half of Miss Geall’s Class  – Tuesday 23rd May) your child we need to come to school in comfortable clothing (non-uniform) and shoes  (Miss Geall will notify you as to which day your child is going). We will be walking from school to the beach and the children will be clambering over rocks so trainer-type shoes are essential.  If it is very wet we will postpone the trip but your child may need a light waterproof in case of showers.

We will be returning to school for lunch but please ensure your child has a large snack and extra drink for the beach.  They will need a small rucksack with them on this day so they can carry their things with them and be hands-free.

We still need parent helpers for this trip so please do let us know if you can help.



Half Term Holiday – Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June

EPIC Week – the children will be working with other classes from Year 1 and 2, choosing and taking part in fun learning activities everyday (this week will be non-uniform) – 12th-16th June

Infant Sports Afternoon – Tuesday 20th June from 1pm on the large field


Thank you for your continued support
Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Miss Geall

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More chicks!

The eggs have been busy hatching overnight and we now have 8 turkey chicks. The children are really enjoying watching them! 

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The eggs have started hatching!

Exciting things are happening in the Discovery Zone today! We have had some turkey eggs in an incubator for the last month and they have started hatching today. We have one chick at the moment and a couple more eggs with cracks in so we are hoping that the children will be able to see some more eggs hatching over the next couple of days!  IMG_9477-wg300s

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Weekly Note for Week Beginning 15.5.17


Dear Parents/Carers,



Next week we will be revising our work on subtraction. The children will be learning to solve subtraction sums by counting-on on a number line e.g.  to work out the answer to the following number sentence: 84 – 56 =……, the children would need to do the calculation below to find the answer.


We shall also be looking at subtraction word problems with the children.


More bottles needed!

We are still in desperate need of small, clean plastic bottles (500ml size or below) in order for children to be able to complete a literacy challenge in their Discovery Zone sessions. This involves using a secret code to write a letter to go inside a bottle. If you have any, please do send them in!


School trip reminder

Just a reminder that our Year 2 classes will be going on a trip to Moulin Huet on the following days:

Mrs Ashworth’s Class  (and half of Miss Geall’s class) – Monday 22nd May am

Mrs Ash’s Class (and half of Miss Geall’s Class) – Tuesday 23rd May am

If you could accompany your child’s class on this visit then please let us know.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Miss Geall

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