Weekly Note 13.10.17


Dear Parents / Carers,

The children have had a very busy week with flu vaccinations, watching the Year 3 Harvest Service, being thoroughly entertained by the Rhubarb Theatre Company and electing class council representatives as well as trying very hard with their learning!

Next week in maths the children will be doubling numbers mentally,  doubling amounts of money and then doubling by partitioning

E.g. 23 + 23

= 20 + 20 + 3 + 3

= 40 + 6

= 46  .

During literacy lessons the children will be creating characters and then planning and writing their own story in the style of Zog and the Flying Doctors.

As part of our Fire of London topic the children will be learning about fire safety during a trip to the fire station.  If you are able to help and accompany us on this visit on Thursday 16th November (approx. 9.45am – 12.00) please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible.

We still have  jelly bean challenge packs available if you would like to buy one for 50p.  If you have completed a challenge please do send in a photo so that your child can share it with the class.

Individual pupil photos will be taken by Fitzgeralds on Friday 20th October.

We hope the children have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing them back at school on Monday 30th October.

We look forward to seeing you next week during parent appointments. If you have not already made an appointment you can do so, up until 5 pm today, by logging into http://parents-booking.co.uk/stmartinsprimary

Many thanks for your continued support

Sophie Ash, Jen Ashworth, Sarah Page

Weekly note- week commencing 9.10.17

Dear Parents/Carers,


Next week we will be continuing our work on Place Value. We will be finding different ways to represent two and three digit using various equipment such as Numicon, base ten and coins and discussing how many hundreds, tens and units there are in a two or three digit number (please see last week’s blog post on ideas for helping your child with this at home). We will also be using our knowledge of place value to add and subtract multiples of tens/hundreds to/from a number.

Jelly Bean Challenge

Hopefully you will have seen the blog post earlier this week about our new Key Stage One Jelly Bean Challenge! The resources have arrived earlier than expected, and so children are welcome to bring in 50p to get a kit from this Monday 9th October.

Digital Leaders

We are introducing digital leaders across the school. One digital leader will be chosen per class and they will have various responsibilities including being a technical expert within their class and helping their peers to use digital technology. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the ipads are charged and looked after carefully. The digital leaders will be required to attend regular lunchtime meetings with all the other digital leaders where they will learn their responsibilities and be taught how to use apps more confidently as well as learning to use new apps which they can then show their class.

Interested children will be asked to apply for the role by filling in an application form. This process will start to give them awareness of the real world of work and how you have to apply and interview for a job.

The children have had an assembly to introduce them to what being a digital leader will involve and have brought home an application form if they are interested. Please talk about the role with your child and help them to fill in the application form if they would like to apply. It needs to be returned to your child’s teacher by Friday 13th October.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Bramley.

Parents’ Appointments
The week beginning Monday 16th October is parents’ appointment week. The booking system will be going live from today. Please note that if you would prefer an appointment time before school starts in the morning then this may be possible – please can you email your class teacher if you would like one of these times. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the week.

Swimming – Mrs Ashworth’s class
Next Thursday 12th October we are having a visit from the Rhubarb theatre company. As the performance for Year 2 is at 11 a.m, Mrs Ashworth’s class will not have a swimming session next week.

Many thanks for your continued support.
Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Page

Jelly Bean Challenge

This afternoon in assembly we launched an exciting new Key Stage 1 science and technology challenge!

Please see the details on the poster below. Children will be able to give their 50p to their class teacher from Monday to receive a pack.

We look forward to seeing lots of your entries! Good luck!

Weekly Note – week commencing 2.10.17


Dear Parents/Carers,

Next week we shall be working on place value. An understanding of place value (knowing the value and position of each digit in a number, for example 34 = 30 + 4 or 3 tens and 4 ones,  is fundamental to understanding numbers and being able to read, write, order, add and subtract larger numbers. We have a range of activities planned in order to help the children recognise and understand the value of each digit in numbers up to (and for some children) beyond 100. To support your child with this work you may like to work on some of the following activities;

  • Order a set of numbers from biggest to smallest. Point at a number and say the number that is1 more/less; what is 10 more/less.
  • When looking at 2 digit numbers talk about how many tens and ones are in the number.
  • Use 10p and 1p coins to make a given amount of money (extending to use of £1 coins, 10p and 1p as your child becomes more confident).

Challenge Activities for children who are confident with numbers up to 100

  • Play guess my number using clues such as;  my number has 3 tens and 4 ones; an even number between 20 and 25; ten more than 56; is 2 tens more/less than 45
  • Give your child a set of digit cards (2   4   6   6) and challenge them to write all the 2-digit numbers greater than 40 using only these digits?
  • With the digit cards 2  3  4  5  6 can you make; a number greater than 50, a number less than 30, an odd/even number, a number between 47 and 59, what is  the smallest/largest  2-digit number you can make?

Guernsey Recycling Week

On Monday we are having a special assembly to launch the island’s Recycling week. Please could you send your child to school on Monday with a clean tin or can to recycle. We are also inviting families to make their own recycling pledges. More information about how to begin or improve recycling can be found at www.gov.gg/recycling

Hands On Science

Next Friday we are very excited to be welcoming ‘Explorer Dome’ to St Martin’s. This is a UK based, hands on, science show which we know from previous visits will provide the children with a wonderful interactive science show. The show we have booked will be introducing the children to the awe and wonder of space through a storytelling introduction to the earth, moon, sun and stars.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Page


Weekly Note 22.9.17


Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for the lovely bright clothes your children came to school in today, we’ve had a fantastic day celebrating our learning in maths.  Your child should have brought home a letter explaining their Rainbow Maths targets today. Unfortunately Mrs Page has been ill this week so her class will receive their Rainbow target letters next week. Similarly her phonics group will also receive their next spelling lists when she is back.

Next week in maths the children will be collecting various types of data and using this to create different types of graphs.  

We are still in need of shoe boxes to create our Tudor house models so please do send in any you no longer need at home.

Could we also please remind you to send in a family photograph for our class photoboard so that the children talk about their family and see their photo during the school day.

School Council

Our school council is a group of pupils (one from each class) who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and improve our school, they may organise fundraising activities or campaign for things to be improved around the school.  There is the opportunity for your child to stand for election as their class representative:

What makes a good rep?

  • Approachable
  • Good listener
  • Organised
  • Efficient
  • Fair
  • Good communication

Three main jobs of a rep…

  • Collecting the views of your class and passing them on to the school council.
  • Letting your class know what goes on in the meetings you attend.
  • Taking an active part in weekly/fortnightly meetings.  

If your child wishes to be a member of the school council they will need to  stand for election and present a poster or presentation to their class explaining why they would be a good class representative. Please could these be in school by Monday 9th October.  

The children will then privately vote for who they’d like to be the class representative on Election day – Friday 13th October.


Mrs Ashworth’s class are very much in need of an additional adult to help with their 11 – 12 swimming lesson on a Thursday. If you are able to help out with this lesson for the next 4 weeks they would very grateful.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Page

Weekly note- week beginning 18.9.17

Week Beginning 18.9.17
Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome to another busy week!

Rainbow Maths Day/Targets
Friday 22nd September is Rainbow Maths Day for the whole school and children are invited to come in on Friday in rainbow coloured or multi-coloured clothing. On Friday children will be enjoying lots of activities relating to their new targets of Number Bonds and they will also receive their first two Rainbow maths targets for the term which are linked to number bonds. These targets have been assessed in class and assigned based on accuracy and speed of recall. You may therefore find that your child starts on a target that they have previously worked on. The children need to have a really quick and accurate recall of these important number facts so any activities you can do at home to help your child practise will really help. We shall test their speed of recall at regular intervals over the term and send the work home so that you can see how well your child is progressing towards meeting their target.

Class Family Photo Board
In Key stage 1 every class has a ‘Class Family’ display board. For this display we would like to invite the children to bring in a photograph of themselves with some members of their family and/or doing something that is special to them, for example:
Something they enjoy doing outside school
A hobby or activity
A special achievement
A special event – birthday, wedding etc

If you do not have easy access to a printer and wish to email a photograph to us we will be happy to print it out for your child.

Nasal Flu letters
Please note that consent forms for nasal flu immunisations need to be returned by this Monday.

If you are able to help with swimming in any of the following sessions, we would be very pleased to hear from you.
Mrs Ashworth 11 – 12 Thursday
Mrs Page 1- 1.45pm Friday
Mrs Ash 1.45 – 2.30 Friday

Many thanks,
Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Ash, Mrs Page

Week Commencing – week beginning 11.9.17

Dear Parents/Carers,


Next week we will be looking at making sensible estimates when counting sets of objects and ordering and comparing numbers. We shall also be introducing the greater than and less than symbols. You may like to support your child at home by working on any of the following activities:

  • Counting sets of objects e.g. pasta, marbles and Lego
  • Grouping sets of objects for ease of counting (2’s, 5’s, 10s and 3’s)
  • Counting on and back from any given number up to 100
  • Identifying 1 more and 1 less than a given number – moving onto 10 more and less as your child is ready

Home Reading Books

Your child should have brought home some colour banded books today together with a new style Reading Record book. Please can you record any reading completed at home. This can include library books, magazines, newspaper etc. There is additional information and activities in these books which you are very welcome to use as you and your child wish.

We will collect these books in every few weeks but if you have a concern regarding reading please can you either e mail us or pop in after school for a chat.

The children will have opportunities during the school day to change these books but please can you remind your child when they need to choose new books.

Often children are able to read the words in a book at a higher level than they are able to interpret and understand what they are reading.  Understanding and an ability to talk confidently about what they have read is a very important skill the children need to acquire in order to enjoy and progress confidently through the reading levels.

You may find some of the following activities useful in helping your child develop these important skills;

Fiction Books

  • Ask your child to retell the story in their own words.
  • What happens at the beginning, middle and end?
  • Make predictions about what might happen next.
  • Choose a character and talk about all the things you know about them – or what you think they may be like from your understanding of the events and themes in the story.
  • Choose your favourite character and think about what they might eat, wear, play, do; likes – dislikes; dreams, worries etc.
  • Did the story remind you of anything?
  • Find a word or a sentence from the book which you liked especially.
  • What 3 questions you would like to ask a character in the story.
  • Can you think of a different ending to the story?
  • Choose a setting in the story – how would you describe it?
  • Can you say 3 things you enjoyed about this book?

Information Books

  • Find three new or tricky words – do you know what they mean?
  • List at least 3 new facts that you have found out from reading this book.
  • Think of some questions for other people in your family which they can answer by reading this book.
  • What else would you like to know that is not explained in this book?
  • Key vocabulary to talk about and find in the book – index, contents, captions, glossary, labels, diagrams, photographs, headings, sub headings.

Wet Play

Please can your child bring in a named colouring book that they can keep in their tray for wet play times

Pupil Acceptable User Policy for ICT

Attached to this letter are 2 copies of the Year 2 pupil acceptable use policy for ICT. This will also be shared in class with the children and we would appreciate your support to reinforce this guidance at home to keep them safe online. Please could one copy of the policy be returned to school signed by both you and your child. If you would like further information about keeping children safe online then please see the e-safety section on the main St Martin’s School blog page www.stmartinsprimaryschool.edublogs.org

Many thanks,

Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Ash, Mrs Page


Weekly Note – week commencing 17.7.17


Dear Parents/Carers,

Pirate day

Thank you for your support for our Pirate day. The children all looked fantastic in their costumes and we hope they enjoyed their day as much as we did.

Bringing home books

We shall be sending books home from the beginning of the week. To ensure that these arrive home in good condition please can your child bring a few plastic carrier bags which they can leave in their tray until needed. The only book that will not be coming home this term is your child’s last literacy book as these move with them into Year 3.


Your child will be bringing home their report on Monday 17th July.  Please can you sign and return the receipt slip by Thursday 20th July.


Children in Mrs Page and Mrs Ash’s class will swim as normal next Thursday. Mrs Ashworth’s class will not swim next Friday.

End of Term reminders

  • Please could all banded and library books be returned to school by Monday 18th July.
  • School finishes at 1pm on Friday 21st July. The children will not need lunch but may bring an additional snack (alongside their break time fruit) if they wish to do so.

Advance Notice

There will be a whole school information evening and informal opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher at 7pm on Thursday 7th September.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with your children and look forward to following their progress as they move into Year 3.

Thank you for all your support over the year. We wish you an enjoyable summer holiday.

Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Page

Weekly Note – 7.7.17



Dear Parents/Carers,


Pirate  Day

As part of pirate day on Tuesday the children will be cooking on a fire.  

It would be very helpful if as many children as possible could gather a bag of sticks/ twigs and bring this to school with them on Tuesday.  We look forward to seeing the children in their pirate clothes!


Infant Disco

The PTA are holding an Infant Disco on Friday 14th July. 4.45-6.00 in the main school hall. Tickets are £3 and will be on sale before and after school from Monday.


School finishes for the Summer holidays on Friday 21st July at 1pm.

Please could all children bring a named carrier bag to school at the beginning of that week so they can take their work home.


Thank you for your support


Mrs Ash, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Page